City of Hastings

City of Hastings

Location: Hastings, MN

Set along the rugged and colorful panorama of the Mississippi, St. Croix and Vermillion Rivers, Hastings, Minnesota is a scenic river town steeped in tradition.

Hastings has a plentiful groundwater source capable of supplying its 22,000 residents with adequate water capacity. However, Hastings is located in a highly agricultural area, and over time, the nitrate concentration in several of their wells has increased to levels now hovering near the EPA mandated MCL of 10 mg/l (as N). To remain in compliance for years to come, the city made the decision to construct a new water treatment plant for nitrate reduction.

The plant features four Nion-IX™ anion exchange vessels, each rated to treat up to 400 gpm. A portion of the total plant flow of 2400 gpm is treated through ion exchange while the balance is bypassed around the vessels and blended with the treated water to produce a finished water with a nitrate concentration below the standard USEPA limit. The bypass/blend allows the operator to remain in compliance today, as well as have the flexibility to adjust the treated/bypassed proportion to remain in compliance in the future, should the nitrate level continue to increase.

Tonka Water assumed system responsibility for this project and supplied a complete anion exchange treatment system including: anion exchange vessels, resin, valves, facepiping, instrumentation, brinemaker, brine delivery components, control descriptions, and softener system for brine make-up water.

The Nion-IX™ anion exchange vessels incorporate state-of-the-art counter-current regeneration to maximize resin performance and manage brine waste.

Hastings now boasts of water that meets the EPA guidelines for nitrate.

Raw Water
Finished Water
Nitrate (NO3)8.8 mg/L4.4 mg/L

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