Location: Miamisburg, OH

The City of Miamisburg made the decision to expand their current filtration system to add softening treatment. Tonka Water, a U.S. Water brand, was the basis of design on the project, having previously worked with the engineer. Tonka Water worked with the engineer to design a new treatment system to best meet the needs of the city. The chosen process for softening is a complete Tonka Water integrated system consisting of membrane softening, with controls by Tonka Water. The expansion includes a Flux™ RO dual membrane system consisting of four dual process trains, resulting in a full system flow rate of 3760 gpm.

With this system, the existing filters provide membrane pre-treatment prior to treatment through the reverse osmosis system. The softening system consists of four FLUX RO/NF membrane skids for the reduction of hardness. A membrane bypass stream is utilized to stabilize membrane permeate to protect the distribution system from aggressive water.

Tonka Water provided a customized treatment system and guaranteed performance – from influent to finished water. Operators report the Tonka Water plant is producing excellent results and is exceeding expectations since commissioning. Tonka Water is proud to have assisted the community in achieving its treatment goals.

Influent Water
Blended Water
Mg<36.20 mg/l  <.59 mg/l
Ca<106.00 mg/l  <1.69 mg/l
TDS996.93 mg/l  22.47 mg/l  

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