City of Slippery Rock

City of Slippery Rock

Location: Slippery Rock, PA

The City of Slippery Rock is located in Butler County, in western Pennsylvania. The residents of Slippery Rock had dealt with deteriorating water quality concerns related to iron and manganese levels, and the City decided it was time to take action and hired Stantec Consulting to design two new water plants to resolve the problem. Stantec selected Tonka Water as their basis of design manufacturer at both the Forrester Road and Hines Road water treatment plants, incorporating the Dualator® III’s unique, cost-effective footprint and multi-process treatment capabilities.

To maintain uniformity of treatment, both water plants were designed using a total of three Tonka Water Dualator® III units. The Dualator®III’s unique design includes aeration, detention and filtration in a single customized compact unit. Both locations feature Tonka Water’s Simul-Wash™ backwash system that will save millions of gallons of waste washwater over the lifetime of the equipment. An additional feature of this Dualator® III system is an isolated cell design that provides an efficient footprint while offering operational flexibility through inherent redundancy. Operators have the ability to isolate individual cells within each vessel, giving the ability to take a cell off-line for maintenance while continuing to treat water in the other cells.

The treatment process begins with forced draft aeration for oxidation and CO2 reduction, followed by thirty minute integral detention to ensure complete oxidation. The flow from the detention compartment is uniformly distributed into a multi-cell gravity filter. The filter incorporates a false bottom underdrain system, airwash distribution system, and Tonka Water’s unique Simul-Wash™backwash system, combined within one treatment vessel.

Tonka Water provided complete plant controls with SCADA System, to ensure seamless and guaranteed system responsibility. The system includes automatic report generation with trending showing real time information, making the automated facility truly operator-friendly.

After successful commissioning, the treatment process has been delivering consistent, cost-effective, high quality water to the residents of Slippery Rock – a successful project for all.

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The City of Arcadia, located in Southwest Flordia has approximately 7,600 residences. Their drinking water comes from a local groundwater source, but had high concentrations of radium, total organic carbon, sulfide, as well as hardness.

To stay in compliance with the USEPA standards, Arcadia, Florida sought help. Hazen and Sawyer partnered with Tonka Water to develop an innovative system was designed, which uses ion exchange; both cation and anion; to treat their water.

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