City of South Lyon

City of South Lyon

Location: South Lyon, MI

Due to the rapid growth in the City of South Lyon, water demands had strained its water production capacity and iron removal capabilities. After reviewing a number of treatment options, the City of South Lyon chose to design the plant upgrade and expansion around the Tonka Water proposed plant automation system.

The water treatment facility incorporates aeration for oxidation of iron, disinfection, detention, and four new 8’ diameter by 34’ overall length two-cell OptaCell™ pressure filters. Each filter vessel is constructed with a common underdrain to both cells and a mono media filter bed of 24” of anthracite. Two existing filters were kept online. Some challenges facing this project were that the plant had to keep producing water continuously, and that some of the existing piping had to be removed.

The new OptaCell™ filters, combined with Tonka Water’s Simul-Wash™ saved the City of South Lyon up-front construction costs as well as saving South Lyon money every time they backwash. After backwash is complete, the filter is put back in service and filtered water is then pumped to the City’s distribution system and into elevated tanks for storage.

Instrumentation and controls consist of a PLC control panel, which automatically backwashes the filters based on high turbidity, loss of head, timer or operator initiation. The duration of the backwash is also adjustable by the operator.

The raw water analysis summarized below reflects moderate to high concentrations of iron existing in the water. The treatment process has been highly efficient in delivering high quality water as indicated. This system was placed online in record time, allowing the City to meet record water production levels during the summer of 2001 while the communities surrounding South Lyon had to ration water during this same period.

Raw Water
Finished Water
Iron (Fe)3.2 mg/L0.1 mg/L

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