City of Winter Springs

City of Winter Springs

Location: Winter Springs, FL

The City of Winter Springs, located in Seminole County Florida needed to meet new compliance standards after regulations regarding disinfection byproducts levels changed. Tonka Water, a U.S. Water Brand was brought in to assist with a pilot study. At the conclusion of the successful pilot study, Tonka Water was selected as the process system responsible manufacturer for The City’s new water treatment plant. The Winter Springs system includes three Organix™ ion exchange vessels with engineered aeration, designed for a flow rate of 1,800 gpm, with a focus on waste reduction and smaller footprint.

Winter Springs, Florida chose a Tonka Water Organix™ ion exchange treatment system to address hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and total organic carbon (TOC) through a single treatment train. The treatment process begins as water is aerated in-line, then flows into the ion exchange vessel. The purpose of applying oxygen upstream the ion exchange vessel is to cultivate sulfate reducing biology in the ion exchange bed, thus reducing nearly half of the hydrogen sulfide. TOC is then removed through the ion exchange process before delivery to distribution and storage.

Biologically enhanced ion exchange using Tonka Water’s Organix™ technology was also chosen to add incidental hydrogen sulfide removal using minimal additional capital equipment. This innovative treatment, by virtue of its efficient TOC reduction, greatly decreases the amount of disinfection byproducts in the final plant effluent. A major benefit to the Organix™ system is that all treatment is achieved through single process train allowing for cost savings, single pumping, reduced waste and a smaller footprint.

The Winter Springs plant is performing beyond expectations since its commissioning and Tonka Water is proud to have assisted the community in achieving its treatment goals.

Influent Water
Finished Water
Total Organic Carbon (TOC)<1.7 mg/l  <0.6 mg/l
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) reduction>50%

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