East Bridgewater

East Bridgewater

Location: East Bridgewater, MA

  • Water Plant East Bridgewater, MA

The town of East Bridgewater began as an early industrial inland town located in the northern part of the Taunton River system in Massachusetts. The residents of Plymouth County grew tired of dealing with water quality concerns related to iron and manganese levels. Tonka Water was chosen to manufacture water treatment systems at both the East Street and Crescent Street water treatment plants.

Both water plants were designed using a total of three Tonka Water Dualator® VI’s. The Dualator’s unique design includes aeration, detention and filtration in a single customized compact unit. The treatment process begins with a forced draft aerator accomplishing oxidation, CO2 and radon removal, followed by a 30 minute detention tank to ensure complete oxidation of iron and manganese. The water then flows downward into a four-cell greensand filter. Each of these Dualator® VI units are self backwashing, allowing well pumps to continue at design capacity during the backwash process. The system also incorporates Tonka Water’s Simul-Wash™ for optimal media cleansing, saving the town millions of gallons of washwater.

After a successful commissioning, the town of East Bridgewater was able to discontinue the use of their old lime feed system and turn to the new facilities for all their water needs, completely eliminating the maintenance and operation of their outdated system. 

Raw Water
Finished Water
Crescent St. Well0.35-0.9 mg/L<0.30 mg/L
East St. Well2.5-3.0 mg/L<0.30 mg/L
Crescent St. Well0.17-0.24 mg/L<0.05 mg/L
East St. Well0.45 mg/L<0.05 mg/L


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