Hamilton Township

Hamilton Township

Location: Hamilton Township, NJ

Hamilton Township, a growing community located northeast of Philadelphia needed a new treatment system that could meet new EPA contaminant standards as well as support the future population growth. Well #9 had excess iron and manganese and to remain in compliance the township sought help from Tonka Water to find a solution. The new plant was designed with a flow rate of 1500 gpm and a customized solution for iron and manganese removal to meet the standards well into the future.  

Water is supplied from a groundwater well. The treatment process consists of a 1500 gpm aerator, 30 minute detention tank, and four 10’ diameter x 24’ long dual cell OptaCell™ pressure filters.  Water is pumped from the 30 minute detention tank through the filters to elevated storage and the distribution system. Water used for the filter backwash cycle is stored in a covered decant tank where a large portion of the filter backwash wastewater is decanted, then returned to the head of the treatment plant for re-use.

The raw water analysis summarized below reflects moderate to high concentrations of iron existing in the well water.  The treatment process has been highly efficient in delivering high quality drinking water as indicated below.  The water treatment plant as designed brings current state-of-the-art technology to maximize treatment plant production (99.7% efficient) and a controllable air and water backwash process that prevents media loss while providing flexible quality management of the filter media cleaning process.

Raw Water
Finished Water
Iron (Fe)1.3 – 1.5 mg/L.08 – 0.1 mg/L

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