Independence Township

Independence Township

Location: Independence Township, MI

Independence Township found much of its water would soon be out of compliance when arsenic standards changed. With a rapidly growing community, the Township elected to explore treatment possibilities, and after conducting evaluations, studies and pilots, the Township sought the help of Hubbell, Roth & Clark Inc. and Tonka Water.

Tonka Water designed the customized solutions for the arsenic and iron co-precipitation treatment plants.

Each OptaCell™ horizontal pressure filter is comprised of four cells sharing a common underdrain. Prior to entering the filters, sodium hypochlorite is added to the raw water via an inline static mixer. The chlorine serves to oxidize the iron and change the valence of the arsenic from As3 to As5. This arsenate co-precipitates with the iron forming a filterable solid. The water is evenly split between each filter cell where it passes through the dual-media filter bed of silica sand and anthracite.

The filter system is controlled by Tonka Water’s PLC-based automatic control panels which can be customized to automatically backwash the filters by loss of head, time, or operator initiation. The duration of the backwash and other functions are selectable and adjustable by the operator through an Opto 22 color touchscreen.

The raw water analysis summarized below reflects moderate concentrations of iron and low arsenic concentrations existing in the water. The treatment process has been highly effective in delivering quality water as indicated below.

Raw Water
Finished Water
Deer Valley
                     Arsenic (As)13 ppb1 ppb
                     Iron (Fe)1.29 ppm0.01 ppm
Deerwood Manor
                     Arsenic (As)10 ppb1 ppb
                     Iron (Fe)1.6 ppm0.01 ppm
                     Arsenic (As)10 ppb1 ppb
                     Iron (Fe)1.3 ppm0.0 ppm
Lake Oakland Woods
                     Arsenic (As)11 ppb2 ppb
                     Iron (Fe)0.6 ppm0.01 ppm

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