Location: Mertzon, TX

The City of Mertzon, Texas was in need of a water treatment plant upgrade. The project included refurbishing existing gravity filters and the addition of an HMO system. Tonka Water, a U.S. Water Brand, was selected to provide the system upgrade and the addition of the HMO system. The new system, a Ra-Mox™ radium removal system includes the refurbished gravity filters, an in-line static mixer and a TonkaBlend™ HMO feed system.

The Ra-Mox™ treatment process consists of chemical addition, including pre-formed HMO, pressure detention, and pressure filtration through Tonka Water’s non-accumulative IMAR™ media. The key to the operator friendly pre-formed HMO process for radium removal is uniform mixing and proper feeding of the pre-mixed HMO slurry solution. Mertzon utilizes the TonkaBlend™ system to standardize this process, allowing the operator to easily make a consistent concentration of stabilized HMO solution and feed the slurry solution without complication.
The TonkaBlend™ HMO is injected ahead of a gravity filter and the chemically treated raw water is then filtered through a bed of Tonka Water IMAR™ media, which is specifically designed for radium removal. Filter influent is flow-controlled and equally divided into the dual media filters.

The Mertzon plant is performing beyond expectations since its start-up in 2016 and Tonka Water is proud to have assisted the community in achieving its treatment goals.

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