Fountain Hills Sanitary District

Fountain Hills Sanitary District

Location: Fountain Hills, AZ

  • U-Flex Ultrafiltration Membrane System
  • Water Ultrafiltration Membrane System

The Fountain Hills Sanitary District is located in the water scarce Phoenix metropolitan area. Regional utilities have become experts in water conservation and maintaining a sustainable community.

The District sought help to replace an aging microfiltration system reliant on treatment using pre-chlorination. The District selected a team of industry experts to design and install the U-Flex™ Ultrafiltration membrane system to treat reclaimed water for recharging the aquifer. The decommissioning and removal of the old system and installation and start-up of the new system was completed in 5 months.

After in-depth study and analysis, the District selected Tonka Water as their manufacturing partner on the project. The Tonka Water U-Flex™ system consists of three membrane trains of 56 modules each, as well as advanced control features. With the new treatment system, plant capacity increased 40% to 4.95 MGD.

Tonka Water’s technology for aquifer recharge assures the District of pathogen and particle-free water, making it ideal for preserving the integrity and long-term capacity of the aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) wells. Tonka Water’s innovative U-Flex™ process also provides exceptional pretreatment for future nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange or other processes the community may need to meet future requirements.


The District operates three U-Flex™ membrane treatment trains. The improved Tonka Water design can operate with any number of trains in service and still backwash effectively. Membrane modules are individually isolatable allowing easy repairs in place. The system’s flexibility allows operation over a wider range of flows, up to the maximum 4.95 MGD, without sacrificing any finished water quality.

The District Operators report the Tonka Water plant is producing excellent results and is exceeding expectations since commissioning. Tonka Water is proud to have assisted the community in achieving its treatment goals.

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