Sangamon Valley Public Water District

Sangamon Valley Public Water District

Location: Mahomet, IL

The Sangamon Valley Public Water District located in Mahomet, Illinois was looking to build a new water treatment plant to address iron, manganese and hardness in their water. Tonka Water was chosen due to their history of quality and expertise. Tonka Water’s Dualator® III was chosen for the treatment of iron and manganese and Pur-IX™ technology was selected to provide water softening. This project was sold based on the rapid payback for brine savings – as compared to a conventional ion exchange system.

Tonka Water’s Dualator® III is a low profile unit that incorporates aeration, detention and filtration into one packaged unit. The Pur-IX™ system provides ease of installation. The overall footprint and large-diameter piping of conventional systems are greatly reduced with Pur-IX™. For Sangamon Valley, this equated to over 30% savings based on present worth analysis, for a 20 year cost of ownership.

The treatment process begins as the raw water enters the aerator section of the Dualator® III where iron oxidation takes place. Following aeration, the water flows through a static mixer located between the aerator and the integral detention section. Chlorine and potassium permanganate are added at the static mixer for oxidation of hydrogen sulfide and manganese. The chemical reactions are completed while traveling through the detention section. In addition, a portion of the iron and manganese precipitate settles to the detention chamber floor, contributing to lengthening filter runs. Water from the detention section is uniformly collected and transferred to the filter, where it is distributed in the filter. The chemically-treated water flows through the IMAR™ media where the iron and manganese precipitates are removed. The water is then pumped from the Dualator® III filter by high-service pumps out to the distribution system. The Pur-IX™ system applies conventional ion exchange in a new, innovative configuration, allowing designers to minimize footprint while ensuring the lowest waste volume. Pur-IX™ incorporates 20 continuously operating ion exchange vessels, 14 of which are treating water in parallel, while the remaining six are being regenerated. The system continuously cycles out-of-service vessels through an efficient multi-step regeneration process, automatically returning regenerated vessels back into service. Operating in this way ensures the ion exchange resin is used to its fullest and maximum capacity, making the process the most efficient possible.

The project was started up in March, 2016. This plant is designed for 1000 GPM and is expandable to 1500 GPM.

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