Community of Santa Ana Pueblo

Community of Santa Ana Pueblo

Location: Santa Ana Pueblo, NM

Santa Ana Pueblo, NM required an additional water treatment system to meet the needs of their growing community. After previously working on a project with Tonka Water, a U.S. Water Brand, and being impressed with the high level of customer service they had experienced, the Pueblo once again sought out the company’s expertise. Three times larger than their first project, Santa Ana opted to pre-purchase the new treatment system for construction, creating cost savings, expediting the project timeline and giving the utility increased control of the project.

The new system was centered around an OptaCell Plus™ horizontal pressure filter, designed with four isolated filter/underdrain cells, allowing for an individual cell to be backwashed or taken completely offline while the others remain in service. Each filter cell includes the Simul-Wash™ backwash system providing reduced waste and superior filter cleaning. The treatment process begins with pre-chlorination, oxidizing the arsenic, followed by an iron addition, which combines with the arsenic, allowing for the contaminant to be filtered out. In the final treatment stage, post-chlorination occurs, providing disinfection throughout their distribution system. Full plant controls were also provided, allowing for single source responsibility.

The Santa Ana Pueblo plant has been meeting expectations since its commissioning in 2019. Tonka Water was honored to assist the community in achieving their water treatment goals and values being a trusted partner of the Pueblo.


Raw Water0.017 mg/l
Finished Water0.007 mg/l

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