Tuckaseigee Water and Sewer Authority

Tuckaseigee Water and Sewer Authority

Location: Jackson County, NC

The designed rate of flow for the plant is 1.5 MGD.

Water is supplied from the Tuckaseigee river. The treatment process consists of conventional clarification  through Tonka Water’s TriClear™ followed by two UTS™ packaged water treatment plants consisting of adjustable flocculation, tube settling, sedimentation and filtration. The gravity filters have a dual-media bed of silica sand and anthracite. Filtered water is discharged into a clearwell and pumped to elevate storage and the distribution system.

The chemicals of polymer, caustic, and Alum, are added to the raw water prior to clarification to help generate a stable floc that can be agglomerated and settled within the clarifier.

The pre-treated water splits into two parallel lines inside the treatment building prior to the UTS™ systems. The plant operators have the option to turn off the UTS™ flocculaters if the water quality produced from the clarifier is sufficient for tube settling. Once through the flocculation chambers, the water upflows through tube settlers, dropping out any remaining solids. The water then flows to a dual media filter bed of anthracite and silica sand. Filter effluent is sent to a clearwell and on to distribution.

The raw water analysis summarized below reflects a high quality source water. The Tonka Water treatment equipment supplied on this project has been extremely efficient in delivering high quality drinking water as indicated below. The water treatment plant as designed brings current state-of-the-art technology to maximize treatment plant production.

Raw Water
Finished Water
Turbidity1 – 2 NTU0.04 NTU

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