Vega Baja Water Treatment Plant

Vega Baja Water Treatment Plant

Location: Vega Baja, PR

  • BLEU, a surface water filter
  • Surface & Groundwater Filtration

Vega Baja is a municipality located on the northern coast of Puerto Rico. It was determined that a refurbishment was needed for their existing 1400 gpm surface water plant due to aging equipment and the need for improved filter performance. Tonka Water was selected to be a part of this upgrade.

Vega Baja was the first installation of BLEU™ in Puerto Rico, Tonka Water’s blockless engineered underdrain. This retrofit included the refurbishment of three existing concrete gravity filters and the construction of a new gravity filter. This project includes replacement flocculation baffles and a new sludge blow down system in addition to the BLEU™ stainless steel constructed media retention underdrain paired with Tonka Water’s Simul-Wash™ backwash system. This plant was commissioned in January 2015.

Water flows through horizontal hydraulic flocculation baffles into and up through tube settlers where solids settle and are removed through the sludge blow down system. The sludge blow down system is a “zoned system” allowing for sludge removal from individual sections rather than the entire basin at once creating additional efficiency. The water then passes into the filters and through the filter media, which is directly retained by the stainless steel underdrain. This system features Tonka Water’s Simul-Wash™ back wash system using simultaneous air and water.

  • Independently verified using Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling (CFD)
  • External air scour grid, preventing inter-mixing of air and water in air laterals does not occur
  • Gravel-less design reduces depth requirements, materials and installation time
  • Dual parallel-lateral design

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