Village of Meota

Village of Meota

Location: Meota, SK

Meota, Saskatchewan, located on the Southwest shore of Jackfish Lake, is surrounded by recreational communities. While the lake is a beautiful place, its water poses challenges to nearby communities who would like to use it for drinking water. Under normal conditions the water is quite turbid due to organic and inorganic contaminants.

Three new shallow infiltration wells were drilled nearby to take advantage of the soil’s natural filtration. The new water source contains high amounts of iron, manganese and TOC, requiring treatment to meet the Saskatchewan Environment Guidelines. Tonka Water’s UTS™, a unitized treatment system incorporating three treatment processes, was chosen to treat the water to meet drinking water regulations.

At the Meota WTP, the raw water is pre-treated with coagulant prior to entering the Tonka Water UTS™ unit. As the water flows through the UTS™, it undergoes flocculation, sedimentation, and gravity filtration.

The flocculation step provides gentle mixing, which assists in forming larger floc particles. Following flocculation, the water travels into the sedimentation compartment where it flows upward through Tonka Water’s Uni-Pac™ stainless steel inclined plate settlers. The Uni-Pac™ plate settlers offer superior separation efficiency of solids over other technologies, and deliver clarified water to the Simul-Wash™ filtration component. The superior efficiency of plates allows for a smaller sedimentation compartment and a lower overall project footprint and cost. The solids that collect in the sedimentation compartment are periodically removed through a sludge removal system.

Meota now boasts of a modern, highly efficient plant producing high quality water with minimal operator involvement required. Tonka Water is proud to have the opportunity to provide high quality drinking water to the residents and visitors around Jackfish Lake.

Raw Water
Finished Water
Iron (Fe)2.2 mg/L0.011 mg/L
Manganese (Mn)0.133 mg/L0.024 mg/L
Color116 Pt-Co0 Pt-Co
Turbidity23 NTU0.063 NTU

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