Village of Pomeroy

Village of Pomeroy

Location: Pomeroy, Ohio

The Village of Pomeroy required assistance in designing and building a new water treatment plant to treat the extremely high amount of manganese in its raw well water. In addition, the Village included an ion exchange water softening system. Tonka Water supplied the major equipment components: the Dualator® VI and RidION™ ion exchange softeners along with the integrated control panel.

The treatment process consists of four steps within the Dualator® VI: aeration, chemical feed, detention, and filtration for manganese removal. The aeration step in the Dualator® VI provides iron oxidation and offers the reduction of any nuisance dissolved gases. Chlorine and sodium permanganate are added to the water as it passes through a static mixer into the detention section. The detention tank allows for 30 minutes of detention time ensuring the iron and manganese oxidation reactions complete prior to filtration. The final step in the Dualator® VI is filtration through a dual-media filter bed of manganese greensand and anthracite where the iron and manganese particles are removed. These steps completely satisfy Ohio EPA’s strict guidelines for iron and manganese reduction and meet all Ten States Standard requirements. A portion of the effluent water from the Dualator® VI is then treated by the RidION™ ion exchange softeners, with the balance being bypassed around the softeners. This gives the operator the flexibility to adjust the flows proportionally to target the desired effluent hardness: 130 mg/L hardness as CaCO3 in Pomeroy’s case.

Tonka Water also provided the control panel, which controls the automatic functions of the Dualator® VI and the RidION™ ion exchange softeners including the brine cycle. The control panel includes a touch screen operator interface for simple monitoring of the system, and provides ultimate operational flexibility.

The Tonka Water treatment equipment supplied on this project is extremely efficient in delivering high quality drinking water as indicated below.

Raw Water
Finished Water
Iron (Fe)0.1 mg/Lnot detected
Manganese (Mn)3.5 mg/L0.009 mg/L
Hardness420 mg/L130 mg/L


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