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    Refurbishment at the Town of Merrimac, MA

    By Jeff Emerson

    The Merrimac Water Treatment plant had three vertical pressure filters installed by Tonka in 1990 to remove iron and manganese and provide safe drinking water to the community. The 22 year old plant showed signs of aging and lacked the performance the town required for the current population and for future growth. The town hired Tonka to assist with the refurbishment improvements. 

    Refurbishments included removal of the existing media, blasting and painting the filter interiors, replacing the underdrain nozzles and installing larger manways in each of the filters. As the project progressed, additional needs were identified and repairs to the underdrain were recommended.

    For a more sustainable underdrain, Tonka recommended that the existing underdrain be removed and a header/lateral style underdrain encased in concrete be installed. Once the underdrain systems were installed, concrete was poured in the bottom portion of the tanks. This created a new uniform underdrain floor that will give excellent services for years to come. 

    While on site, Tonka evaluated the airwash system and recommended the components for retrofitting. 

    The results of the refurbishment include longer filter runs and higher quality finished water. We’re confident that the Merrimac Water Treatment Plant will perform well for another 15-20 years, providing quality water to this vibrant New England community.

    The following article was published in the Tonka Talk – Fall 2012 issue. Click here to view the full newsletter.