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    Revised 10 State Standards Available Online

    The Great Lakes – Upper Mississippi River Board of State and Provincial Public Health and Environmental Managers completed the revision of the 2012 Edition of the Recommended Standards for Water Works, commonly referred to as the 10 States Standards. The printed publication date has yet to be determined.

    Participating State and Provincial agencies meet annually to establish design guidelines for the waterworks industry. Every five years the committee revises the standards to address design guidelines for any upcoming regulations and/or new technologies. Contact your state’s or province’s 10 States Standards representative with any comments or questions.

    Engineers use the Recommended Standards in determining the water facility needs of a community and in sizing treatment processes. Engineers will need to check with their state or provincial agency to determine which year’s edition will be enforced in their area. For a full copy of the 2012 Revised Standards, go to

    Since 1956, Tonka Equipment Company has incorporated the Recommended Standards into the design of Tonka products. Tonka will proactively update Tonka filter, ion exchange, membrane and other products as state and provincial agencies adopt the 2012 Edition.

    The following article was published in the Tonka Talk – Fall 2012 issue. Click here to view the full newsletter.