Surface Water Treatment Solutions

Customized Solutions for Surface Water

The treatment of surface water requires the removal of suspended or dissolved compounds. Since the water is open to the environment, there may be pathogens and viruses that also need to be removed before the water can be distributed to the community for drinking. The turbidity level of the surface water is the most significant determinant of the equipment solution needed for the best results.

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Tonka Water’s Large Breadth of Surface Water Solutions.

From system design, manufacture, start-up, training, support and warranty, Tonka Water can assist with your surface water needs. Our robust offering of surface water solutions cover small (50 gpm) to large (50 MGD) systems. Depending on the raw water quality, turbidity and operational needs, Tonka Water will provide one of the following approaches:

Specialized Surface Water Components

Tonka Water has a suite of surface water products for new or existing water treatment plants to meet all of your surface water treatment needs.

  • MechVac™ – Mechanized Sludge Vac System includes four main components including drive system, structural support, sludge removal cart and instrumentation.
  • BLEU™ – Stainless steel underdrain with a dual chambered design.
  • Uni-Pac™ – Inclined parallel plates arrayed in steep rows for uniform upward flow distribution. 
  • Simul-Wash™ – Air/water filter backwash system.


Tonka Water can combine mixing, coagulation, clarification and sludge removal in one basin or vessel. Our treatment plants are designed to meet specific applications with respect to rise rate, detention times and sludge collection/removal.

Tonka Water offers several clarification products depending on treatment goals: RotaClear™, SpiraClear™, Heli-Cone™ and TriClear™ upflow solids contact clarifiers.


3 stage process: Adjustable flocculation, high efficiency plate settling or tube settling sedimentation and gravity filtration utilizing multiple media for treatment of surface water applications with turbidity levels up to 350 NTU.

Gravity Filters

Tonka Water offers superior performance with superior strength. Our Filtralator™ gravity filter is built with the strongest underdrain in the market. Our Centralators™ and steel filters with Tonka Water engineered media are state-of-the-art for removal of turbidity and other contaminants.

Membrane Systems

A full spectrum of membrane filtration systems are available for removal of dissolved organics, salts and turbidity. Our designs allow for continuous removal of contaminants while minimizing fouling. Nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes each remove the necessary solids, turbidity and pathogens such as giardia, cryptosporidium, viruses and E. coli.


2 stage process: Pressurized conventional downflow process providing for orthokinetic media flocculation followed by multi-media filtration for treating surface water turbidity levels to 50 NTU.


2 stage process: Buoyant media clarification and filtration in a high-performance, compact footprint.

Contaminant Guide

Our extensive experience covers a full spectrum of water treatment needs and our process solutions are backed by demonstrated successes for thousands of installations across North America. If you’re unsure of what process is best for your unique treatment needs, our treatment experts can help analyze your situation and review your options.