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    Sometimes Air and Water Don’t Mix

    by Steve Kari
    Tonka Equipment Company

    Moisture in compressed air systems can cause problems with pneumatically controlled devices, such as valve actuators and control solenoids.  

    Compressed air supply systems in this industry traditionally have been specified and supplied with refrigerated air dryer systems to remove excess moisture from the air. These systems rely on a refrigeration system to cool and condense moisture from the air stream.

    We have learned through extensive investigation that these systems work most effectively if the application has a constant and steady air flow, such that the entire refrigeration system stays cold. We have therefore concluded that refrigerated air dryer systems are most appropriate for applications where air is consumed, such as systems where modulation valves or pressure
    aerators are used.

    Tonka has recently developed a desiccant dryer system for other applications that remove moisture regardless of air consumption. 

    The Tonka Desiccant Air Dryer application:
    • Is a significant improvement for more typical control applications.
    • Incorporates a clear desiccant bead cartridge that allows operator observation and maintenance.
    • Has a cartridge that can be easily and quickly replaced.
    • Can be installed in existing systems right after the existing air dryers, with the required bypass valves and filter.

    Using a Tonka Desiccant Air Dryer in front of sensitive pneumatic equipment adds a level of security to protect the air controller from unwanted moisture. Call our Service Department for more information about a Desiccant Air Dryer System – 1-800-530-1887.