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    Tonka Adds New North Carolina and South Carolina Representative

    Tonka Equipment Company, a leader in the manufacturing of customized water treatment systems, is pleased to announce the addition of North Carolina and South Carolina representative W2O. 

    A newly formed company, W2O has experienced representatives with a combined 13 years of experience.  W2O not only promotes the equipment, but also supplies solutions.  W2O provides solutions for the municipal water and wastewater industry throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. 

    “We were interested in Tonka because of their innovative products and ability to solve problems.” said Buck Watkins of W2O. “Tonka has superior technology with an innovative approach to meet the client’s needs.”

    “Having worked with Tonka in the past, Tonka does an excellent job of making the clients feel comfortable with their purchase and is part of the process and solution.” said Kelley Wilber of W2O.  “Tonka’s customer service and ability to conduct full scale pilots makes Tonka stand out from any competitor.  We are excited to represent the Tonka brand.”

    “W2O is a great addition to our already strong group of representatives.  Their expertise and experience in the municipal water market compliments Tonka’s commitment to serving municipalities throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.” said Gary Warner, Executive Vice President of Tonka.  “We are excited about the W2O team representing our brand.”

    Tonka Equipment Company creates customized water treatment systems across the United States and abroad.  Their designs provide engineers cost-effective solutions for the most challenging surface water and ground water problems.  They promote water conservation using the Tonka Simul-Wash™ combined air and water backwash system, which provides superior media cleaning while reducing backwash water volume by 50%.  Tonka’s Simul-Washsystem compliments the broad range of products Tonka offers its customers.