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    Tonka Adds New Tennessee Representative

    Tonka Equipment Company, a leader in the manufacturing of customized water treatment systems, is pleased to announce the addition of Tennessee representative BarEnvironmental.

    Bar Environmental has been a manufacturing representative since 1984. With over 30 years of experience in the municipal water and wastewater industry, Bar Environmental provides the highest quality process equipment and solutions to meet the needs of municipalities throughout the state of Tennessee.

    “Tonka’s strong product line attracted us to the brand, specifically; their membrane technology and presence in the pressure filter market.  Tonka has a strong reputation in the municipal water market and we are excited about the opportunity to represent the brand.” said Bobby Clemmer, Vice President of Bar Environmental.

    “We were drawn to Bar Environmental because of its longstanding reputation in the municipal water market.” said Gary Warner, Executive Vice President of Tonka. “Tonka is enthusiastic about the Bar Environmental team representing our brand. The team is an excellent complement to Tonka’s already strong group of representatives.”

    Tonka Equipment Company creates customized water treatment systems across the United States and abroad. Their designs provide engineers cost-effective solutions for the most challenging surface water and ground water problems. They promote water conservation using the Tonka Simul-Wash™ combined air and water backwash system, which provides superior media cleaning while reducing backwash water volume by 50%. Tonka’s Simul-Wash™ system compliments the broad range of products Tonka offers its customers.