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    Tonka Water Awarded TDS Removal Project in Texas

    Tonka Water was chosen to provide water treatment equipment for a new water treatment plant in Fabens, Texas. This new plant was designed by CDM Smith and includes a membrane treatment system treating total dissolved solids (TDS) using reverse osmosis technology. The system provided by Tonka Water follows the design by CDM Smith Inc. and allows El Paso County Water Control & Improvement District #4 (District) to expand their existing iron and manganese removal capabilities to also remove total dissolved solids (TDS).  The system provided by Tonka Water includes pumps, sensors, vessels, and RO membranes and complete process control. The unique system manufactured for the District features two skids and a set of three pumps, with the third pump providing redundancy for either of the two skids.

    The new system sets the District at the cutting edge of technology for water districts in west Texas and it solidifies Tonka Water’s position as one of the leading providers of water treatment equipment.