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    Tonka Water Introduces BLEU Underdrain

    Tonka Water is pleased to announce another revolutionary new product, the BLEU™ underdrain. BLEU™ is a Blockless Engineered Underdrain and can be combined with Tonka Water’s Simul-Wash™, plate settlers and other products to offer a complete treatment system with guaranteed results.

    “Our customers needed a new approach for concrete filters, and our engineering team designed and developed a low profile, modular underdrain system with flexibility for different basin sizes and profiles,” said Steve Kari, Vice President of Engineering. “This product combines our new gravel-less underdrain design with proven airwash distribution, and integrates beautifully with our Simul-wash™ backwash system for superior performance and cleaning.”

    The BLEU™ underdrain is the lowest profile to other stainless steel or block systems on the market. BLEU™ laterals are durably manufactured with stainless steel and are designed to sustain pressure surges with no damage to the system. Even flow distribution with no dead zones between laterals is achieved because the air scour is located outside of the underdrain, on the concrete floor.  Simultaneous air and water create a collapse pulse action throughout the filter which fully and effectively cleans filter media, resulting in longer media life and lower operational costs.

    Prior to our first installation in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, the BLEU™ underdrain design was independently verified using Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling (CFD) demonstrating that it performs well within industry mal-distribution tolerances.

    Ideal for retrofits or new construction, the BLEU™ underdrain delivers results with low profile, efficient design, installation and operation. Call us today for a proposal on your next project.