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    Tonka Water to Host Minnesota Trade Office Roundtable

    Tonka Water is pleased to announce that it will host a roundtable discussion along with the Minnesota Trade Office on Friday, November 21. The event, MN Water Technology Export Roundtable: Saudi Arabia-special event with Water & Environmental Technologies Focus, will feature discussion of the unique challenges for the water market in Saudi Arabia. The roundtable will also examine regional impacts on other environmental technologies and services. Mr. Mohammed Shujauddin, Commercial Specialist with the US Consulate in Dhahran Saudi Arabia, will be present to lend specific insight to this region, and will be available for meetings following the roundtable. 

    The roundtable is scheduled to begin and 11 a.m., with lunch included in the registration fee of $30. 

    For more information about the roundtable, visit the Minnesota Trade Office’s website

    To register, visit: