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    OptaCell Plus™ Isolated Cell Horizontal Pressure Filter System

    Water Treatment Plant Commissioned in Elk Rapids, MI

    We are pleased to announce that a new water treatment plant in Elk Rapids, Michigan has been recently commissioned. A fully skidded OptaCell Plus isolated cell horizontal pressure filter system with Tonka Water, a U.S. Water Brand IMAR™ media was provided for the removal of iron. This unique system features Tonka Water’s Simul-Wash™ backwash system saving millions of gallons of waste washwater over the lifetime of the plant. The state-of-the-art OptaCell Plus isolated cell design affords an efficient footprint while also offering operational flexibility by allowing the operator to isolate individual cells within the vessel allowing for backwash or the ability to take a cell off-line while continuing to treat water in the other cells, all the while keeping the plant operating at full capacity.